Why Challenge Financial Services?

Challenge Financial Services is a family owned auto lender.  Founded in 1994, we serve markets throughout the West. Guided by our values, we establish enduring relationships with our Customers, Dealers and Employees to Build a Better Financial Future for each of us. Why Challenge Financial Services? Because we love a good challenge.

Our Values


Integrity is at the foundation of our business. As a result, you can trust what we say and do. Also, you know that we are working in the best interest of our customers, dealers and fellow employees.


A company is only as good as its people. And we believe people reach their highest potential when they work together. Our Employees, Customers and Dealers are all a part of our team. Together, using our combined resources we certainly Build a Better Financial Future.


We hold ourselves to the highest standard, and take ownership of our results. We expect to succeed, but we welcome feedback and support if we fall short. As a result, we always improve for you.

Leadership by Example

We strive to demonstrate our values through our everyday actions, and in doing so, inspire others to follow our example.


Building and supporting long term relationships is the cornerstone of our success. By standing by each other through life's ups and downs we are all stronger.

Why Challenge Financial Services? Our Foundation

We believe in giving back to our communities

The New Challenge Foundation was formed to support underserved local initiatives in your area.